SDAC Beaches Grand Prix Run

On Tuesday 9th June SDAC had its ‘Beaches Run’ for the 2nd year – also a Grand Prix event. The race started at South Sands, Goodrington and went to the end of Preston Beach and back on the same course – a distance of 3 3/4 miles. Although very windy conditions, this did not stop 6 of the 10 who ran last year getting PB’s. There were 22 runners in total this year.

Dave Hampton flew from the start; his nearest opposition being fromNaomi Flanagan and Michelle Cowley. Dave drew clear to win in a PB time of 21:42, followed by Naomi in 23:15 PB and Michelle in 23:55 PB.

Great running by all that took part.

Mens Results Ladies Results
Dave Hampton 21:42 PB
James Dent 24:04
Colin Peters 24:06
Kevin Ashworth 25:37
Marc Jones 25:55
Vince Langdon 27:04
Rory Treharne 27:19 PB
Rob Forbes 29:33
John Drennan 31:22
Roger Webb 32:39
Steve Waddington 33:41
Mark Holman 33:55
Naomi Flanagan 23:15 PB
Michelle Cowley 23:55 PB
Kerry Bell 28:37 PB
Louise Lewry 29:03
Krissy Taylor 29:48 PB
Sue Hayes 30:17
Poppy Holmes 33:15
Lucy Carpenter 33:56
Sharon Pascoe 34:29
Tracy Elford 34:36