Beaches Grand Prix Run 2014


On Tuesday 5th August SDAC held their first running of the in-house Grand Prix BEACHES RUN. Starting at South Sands, Goodrington and running mainly on sandy beaches to Hollicombe and back – just under 4 miles in total. The rainy conditions ensured that there were few people on the beaches and fewer sandcastles to avoid. There was a good turnout of runners from SDAC. Dave Hampton shot into an early lead and stormed up Cliff Walk before tackling Paignton and Preston beaches. At the half-way stage he was 75 yards ahead of Jerry Hocking but by the finish he had powered to a 1 minute 4 second lead. Colin Peters and Rob Leeke had a battle for 3rd place with Colin just dipping on the line to secure 3rd position. The ladies race was a close run affair with Naomi 200 yards in front at the half-way stage, but a storming finish by Michelle enabled her to reduce the gap to just 5 seconds.
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Results are as follows:

Mens Results Ladies Results
1 Dave (Id) Hampton 22:00
2 Jerry Hocking 23:04
3 Colin Peters 23:56
4 Rob Leeke 23:57
5 Martin Prosser 24:39
6 Rob Keen 26:18
7 Rory Treharne 27:42
8 Paul Chesterman 27:44
9 Dave Lynch 29:46
10 Paul Humphries 30:29
11 John Drennan 30:52
12 Roger Webb 31:23
13 Mark Holman 31:47
14 George Holman 32:59
We had a guest runner from France who finished in a time of 29:25.
1 Naomi Flanagan 23:59
2 Michelle Moore 24:04
3 Kerry Bell 30:21
4 Kristine Taylor 31:26
5 Laura Chesterman 46:56