3k Winter Series

This is a 3k Road Race Challenge that is open to any member of the club. It runs from September-February . That’s 5 races, one each month (no race in December). Your best 3 times count toward winning the Darren Turner Trophy and there is also an award for Most Improved time over the 5 races.

Meet at Torbay Leisure Centre at 6:20, leave the TLC at 6:30, jog to Marine Parade, Preston for a 7pm start. Race finishes in Tanners Road, Goodrington.

The races are organised by Alan & Lynda Sloman and their team.


Race 1 – 22nd September 2015

This 3K was a very special evening; many who ran knew we had a world record holder, Martin Rees who is on holiday in Shaldon, running as a guest.

Martin, aged 62, holds 55 world records including a 10K at Cardiff which he ran earlier this month in a time of 33:20.

Our own Dave Hampton knew nothing about Martin or his records, but as usual he started the race at an unbeatable pace finishing in 9.49, having had trouble on the way with a white van man. Martin chased him in earnest finishing second in a very respectable 10.07, he was followed home in third place by James Dent on his comeback trail in 10.50. Fourth was Rod Keen in 11.12, 5th Colin Peters in 11.17, 6th Marc Walpot in 11.22, 7th Marc Jones in 11.46, 8th Ian McClean in 11.51, 9th Kevin Ashworth in 11.58, 10th Mark Stockman in 12.07 PB, 11th Rory Treharne in12.09, 12th Dave Bamforth in 12.27, 13th John Drennan in 14.16, 14th Mark Holman in 14.25 PB and 15th Roger Webb in 15.00.

The ladies race was a battle until Louise Lewry pulled away in the home straight to be first home in 13.04 with Sue Hayes in 2nd in 13.30, 3rd Val McClean in 13,37, 4th Krissy Taylor also in 13.37, 5th Marina Blay in 15.07 and Tracy Elford next in 15.14 just edging out Erica Warwick also in 15.14.

MEN22nd September LADIES22nd September
Dave Hampton 9:49Louise Lewry13:04
Martin Rees10:07Sue Hayes13:30
James Dent10:50Val McClean13:37
Rod Keen11:12Krissie Taylor13:37
Colin Peters11:17Marina Blay15:07
Marc Walpot11:22Tracy Elford15:14
Marc Jones11:46Erica Warwick15:14
Ian McClean11:51  
Kevin Ashworth11:58  
Mark Stockman12:07PB  
Rory Treharne12:09  
Dave Bamforth12:27  
John Drennan14:16  
Mark Holman14:25PB  
Roger Webb 15:00  


Race 2 – 28th October 2014

Tuesday 28th October saw the second round of the in house winter 3k series. Dave Hampton started off as usual straight into an early lead pushing all the way despite having a heavy cold. He came home first in 9 minutes 56 seconds followed by Jerry Hocking having his best run this year on the course in 10.35. In third place was Naomi Flanagan her second 3k in 24 hours in 11 minutes. Rob Leeke was 4th in 11.10 followed by Ian McClean in 11.21. In 6th place in a powerful finish was Ryan Rudge in 11.35 just holding off Michelle Cowley in 11.36. Marc Walpot not far behind in 8th in 11.47, Marc Jones 9th in 12.05, Rob (flying) Forbes 12.41 in 10th place. Vet 60 John Drennan 14.04, Sue Hayes 14.05, Roger Webb 14.52, Erica Warwick 15.36, followed by the ever young Ken House in 19.11. Well done to you all.

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Race 3 – 25th November 2014

The third round of South Devon Athletic Club’s in house 3k series was run on Tuesday 25th November. The cold and wet evening did not deter the athletes as 19 runners turned up for the event. Dave Hampton raced off into an early lead pushing all the way to equal his course record of 9.49 coming home 39 seconds in front of Jerry Hocking whose time of 10.28 was his best this series. Third home was Naomi Flanagan one second outside her course best, her time was 10.49. Fourth home was Rob Leeke in 10.56, his best time so far this series. It was good to see the return of James Dent whose time of 11.10 will soon be in the distant past once he can return to full training. He was closely followed by Ian McClean with his best run for the series of 11.12. Rod Keen came next in a p.b. of 11.18, Vince Langdon improved his time in 11.37, next home was Rory Treharne flying home for a p.b. of 11.43, on his tail was Marc Jones in 11.45. Second lady home, Michelle Cowley was close behind Marc in 11.50. Rob Forbes continued his improvement in a time of 12.44, Sue Hayes won the tussle with Krissy Taylor, times:-13.49 and 13.51. The next battle won was John Drennan beating the race monster, Roger Webb, times:-14.22 and 14.27. Heather Coverdale joined the party with 14.53, Sharon Pascoe and Marina Blay both improved their times by 25 seconds to finish together in 15.49.

Race 4 – 13th January 2015

The penultimate 3k of the series was run in freezing cold conditions, once again the runners came out of the woodwork 19 in all. From the off Dave Hampton set a tremendous pace pulling right away from the rest finishing in 10.03. Jamie Dent continues on his road back to fitness with a second place in 11.11. Rod Keen 3rd in 11.27 just outside his best. Mr metronome Ian Mcclean was 4th in 11.33. First Lady right on his heels was Michelle Cowley in a very creditable 11.38. Ryan Rudge was next with a last 70yards faster then Bolt in 11.56. New runner Dave Richardson followed in a brilliant time of 11.59. Rory Treharne 12.17, the flying Forbes 12.49, 2nd lady with a PB of 13.48 Krissy Taylor. The long awaited return of Paul Chesterman in 14.09, 3rd lady Sue Hayes in 14.21. Next two the terrible twins John Drennan in 14.51 and Roger Webb in 15.09. Heather Coverdale with the biggest smile of the night in 15.33, then Sharon (3lungs) Pascoe in 16.04. Marina Blay and Lucy finished in the same time 16.14. The ever youthful 83 year old Ken House completed the evening in 20.09.

Race 5 10th February 2015

The last round of the SDAC 3K winter series took place on 10/02/2015, a cool evening but ideal for PB’s of which there were 6.
Dave Hampton set off at a tremendous pace again leading all the way and finishing in a time of 9:55. He was followed home by the first lady Naomi Flanagan in her equal PB 10:48. James Dent dipped under 11 minutes with a 10:59 in 3rd place. Then a sprint in the last 200 metres saw Ian McClean 11:04 PB get the better of Rod Keen 11:06 PB closely followed by Michelle Cowley 11:14 PB. New member Dave Richardson was next 11:36 PB (23 seconds faster). Rob Leeke followed in 11:52 and Marc Jones in 11:55 after doing a 35 mile race last weekend. Rory Treharne kept up his good form with a 12:04, the flying Forbes had his best of the season with a 12:25. Marc Walpot just recovering from knee surgery 12:35. Third lady home Kris Taylor had a PB of 13:32, Sue Hayes next in 14:14, Heather Coverdale did 14:49, Lucy Carpenter smashed her time from last month by 1 min 9 secs in a PB time of 15:05. Sweep was Roger Webb, despite being injured, wanted to complete the series and came home in a respectable 16:50.

MEN30th September 28th October 25th November 13th January10th February LADIES30th September 28th October 25th November 13th January10th February
Dave Hampton 9:49PB9:56 9:49PB10:039:55Naomi Flanagan10:48PB11:0010:4910:48PB
Jerry Hocking10:3810:3510:28Michelle Cowley11:3411:3611:5011:3811:14PB
Colin Peters10:46PB—- —-Sue Hayes13:5014:0813:4914:2114:14
Rob Leeke 10:5911:1010:5611:52Kerry Bell13:52—-—-
James Dent11:19—-11:1011:1110:59Krissy Taylor14:26—-13:5113:48PB13:32PB
Rod Keen11:25—-11:18PB11:27 11:06PB Erica Warwick15:0615:36—-
Marc Walpot11:3911:47—-12:35Sharon Pascoe16:14—-15:4916:04
Vince Langdon 11:46—-11:37Marina Blay16:14—-15:4916:14
Rory Treharne12:23—-11:43PB12:1712:04Heather Coverdale—-—-14:5315:3314:49
Rob Forbes12:5812:4112:4412:4912:25Lucy Carpenter   16:1415:05PB
Nick Syrett 13:22—-—-      
Dave Lynch13:25—-—-      
George Holman13:27—-—-      
John Drennan 14:1214:0414:2214:51
Mark Holman14:47—-—-
Roger Webb15:0214:5214:2715:0916:50
Ken House19:0019:11—-
Ian McClean—-11:2111:1211:3311:04PB
Ryan Rudge—-11:35—-11:56
Marc Jones—-12:0511:45 11:55      
Dave Richardson   11:5911:36PB      
Paul Chesterman14:09


Race 1 – 24th September 2013

There was a great turnout for the first of South Devon AC’s 3k series:

First home was 2nd claim member Aaron Tocknell in a swift 9.40 followed by Dave Hampton in 10.02, a p.b. by 17 seconds, 3rd-Charly Signori (10.22) 4th-James Dent (10.30), 5th-Russell Hart, 2nd claim (10.35), 6th-the consistent Rob Leeke (10.53) 7th-Ian McClean (11.13)p.b., 8th-Ryan Rudge (11.20) p.b. of 8 seconds, followed by his tri partner 9th-Marc Jones (11.41) p.b. of 12 seconds, 10th-Zach Ardoino (11.44) most improved male of the night, 11-Rory (Budgie) Treharne (11.47), 12-Marc Walpot (11.49), First lady 13-Naomi Flanagan 11.59 p.b., second lady 14-Michelle Moore (12.11) back to running three weeks after injury, 15-the flying Rob Forbes (12.31), 16-Keith Turner (12.36), 17-Paul Chesterman (12.43), 18-Val McClean (13.15) p.b. of 15 seconds, 19-Sue Hayes (13.21), 20-Roger (race monster) Webb (14.05), 21-Kris Taylor (14.08), 22-John Barrett (14.36), 23-John Drennan (14.50), 24-Erica Warwick (loving it as usual) (15.02), 25-Heather Maddock (15.14)p.b. of 36 seconds, 26-Tracy Elford (15.47)p.b. of 55 seconds, 27-Laura Chesterman (17.26), 28-Fiona Stephens (17.36).

Race 2 – 29th October 2013

Tuesday evening saw the second leg of South Devon Athletic Club’s winter 3km series. Club members blasted their way from Hollicombe promenade to Tanner’s Lane at Goodrington.
David Hampton and second claim member Russell Hart shot off into an early lead. Gradually David moved away to finish first in 10.01, tantalising close to breaking ten minutes for the distance. Russ was rewarded with a pb of 10.17 in 2nd place. Charley Signori claimed 3rd spot in 10.37 before he heads back to his home in France.
Michelle Moore lead home the ladies with a storming run in 11.21. Kerry Bell managed to move into a clear 2nd place in 13.19, with Sue Hayes taking 3rd in 13.30.

Race 3 – 24th November 2013

Tuesday evening saw the third leg of South Devon Athletic Club’s winter 3km series. 23 club members ran the route from Hollicombe promenade to Tanner’s Road at Goodrington.  10 of the runners recorded personal bests for the distance. David Hampton and second claim member Russell Hart shot off into an early lead. Gradually David moved away to finish first and in a determined effort blasted his way under the ten minute barrier to finish in a new pb of 9.54. Russ was also rewarded with a pb of 10.13 in 2nd place, with Jamie Dent 3rd in 10.39. Michelle Moore lead home the ladies with a storming run in 11.21.  Naomi Flanagan came home 2nd in 12.30, with Kerry Bell 3rd in a pb of 12.57.

Race 4 – 14th January 2014

The 4th leg of the 3k series was run on 14th January 2014. Dave Hampton and Russell Hart had a ding dong battle all the way, Dave proving stronger in the final 300 metres to finish in a time of 10.05. James Dent 3rd, held off Vince Langdon in 4th place while Alan Murphy got the better of Ian McClean for 5th and 6th places respectively.
The first lady home was once again Michelle Moore in a great time of 11.55, Val McClean was 2nd lady in 13.34 followed by the gutsy Sue Hayes in 13.51.
25 runners turned out on a wet and windy night making P.B.’s hard to achieve.
The final leg of this series will be on 11th February.

Race 5 – 11th February 2014

Individual results:

MEN24th September 29th October 26th November LADIES24th September 29th October 26th November
Dave Hampton 10:02pb10:01pb 9.54pbMichelle Moore 12:11 11:21pb11.21
Charlie Signori 10:2210:37—-Naomi Flanagan 11:59—-12.30
James Dent 10:3010:5510.39Val McClean 13:15pb—-13.05pb
Rob Leeke 10:5311:0010.58Kerry Bell —-13:19pb12.57pb
Ian McClean 11:13—-15.03Sue Hayes 13:2113:3013.07pb
Ryan Rudge 11:20pb—-—-Krissy Taylor 14:05—-—-
Marc Jones 11:41pb—-11.43Erica Warwick 15:0215:0214.38
Vince Langdon —-11:3911.04Heather Maddock 15:14pb15:06pb14.48pb
Zach Ardoino 11:44pb11:17pb10.56pbTracy Elford 15:47pb15:07pb15.01pb
Rory Treharne 11:4711:4711.50Davina Holdsworth —-16:4214.45
Marc Walpot 11:49—-11.11pbLaura Chesterman 17:26—-—-
Rob Forbes 12:31pb12:24pb12.07pbFiona Stephens 17:36—-—-
Keith Turner 12:36—-—-Sarah Celani —-—-14.08
Paul Chesterman 12:43—-—-
Roger Webb 14:0513:5914.04
John Barrett 14:3614:25—-
John Drennan 14:50—-—-
Andy Cole —-—-15.03
2nd claim:
Arron Tucknell 9:40—-
Russell Hart 10:3510:17pb10.13pb


Thanks to Alan & Lynda Sloman and their team for their work in organising and running the series.

Race 5 – 12 February 2013

The final race of the SDAC 3km series saw 25 runners blast their way from Hollicombe to Tanners Lane in a race which saw the fastest time of the series and a PB-fest of 11 best times.

A lead group of Jamie Dent, Dave Hampton, Rob Ledger, and Russell Cleave shot into an early lead before Jamie switched on his afterburners and powered away to win in a pb of 10.04 to set the best mark for the course.

Dave Hampton came home in a clear second place with a 2s pb of 10.19, with Rob Ledger next in 10.35.  Russell Cleave hung on to 4th (10.48), just ahead of Vince Langdon (10.56) and Colin Peters (11.00).

Five more runners nipped inside 12 minutes: Marc Walpot (11.20 pb), Ryan Rudge (11.28 pb), Rory Treharne (11.46 pb), Marc Jones (11.53 pb).  Michelle Moore completed the group with a pb of 11.52 – 59s faster than her first attempt on the course in November.

Stacey Toppin (12.48) and Zac Ardoino (12.53) were inside 13 minutes, with Paul Haigh setting a new pb with 13.00 exactly.  Sue Hayes (13.21) finished just ahead of Roger Webb (13.26), with Kris Taylor recording a pb of 13.51.

John Drennan (14.05), John Barrett (14.17), Marc Holman (14.28 pb), Heather Coverdale (14.36), Steve Waddington (14.54), Erica Warwick (14.56, and Sharon Pascoe (15.51 pb) completed the racers on the night.

Mac McClean acted as sweeper for race and crossed the line in 17.26. 

Race 3 – 13 November 2012

South Devon Athletic Club staged the third race in their 3km race series on Tuesday evening. The race, open to first and second claim members of the club, attracted 29 runners on the night. The course started at the Hollicombe cliff end of Preston promenade and ended at Tanners Lane in Goodrington.

The leading group flashed past the half way mark at the Apollo cinema in close to 5 minutes and gradually sorted out their order over the second half.

Russell Cleave held off a strong challenge from Tris Sellors as they finished 1st and 2nd in 10.12 and 10.13, with Rob Ledger completing the top three in 10.18. Michelle Moore claimed the first lady’s spot in 12.51.Eighty-one year old Ken House finished in a superb 17.38.